Sky Taxi Co., Ltd

in 2025, Our Sky Taxi service will start.

Invest in the future of Japan.
100th Anniversary Daiho Taxi Group

in 2025.

Daiho Taxi

100th year Anniversary.

Project SkyTaxi

In 2025 Daiho Taxi

100th year Anniversary. Project Sky Taxi.

Project Sky Taxi.

We are SoraTobu Taxi Co., Ltd.   in 2025 We will start operating “Sky Taxi”, a taxi service that flies in the sky in Osaka. 

Soratobu Taxi Co., Ltd. belongs to the Daiho Taxi Group, and Daiho Taxi will celebrate its 100th anniversary at that time.

Flying taxi service, the infrastructure of the future. Although it is the oldest company, we will start the cutting-edge future industry.

We named this memorable project “Project SkyTaxi”.

Soratobu Taxi Co., Ltd        
(Sky Taxi Co., Ltd)  
 Team Project SkyTaxi  


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We need a large amount of funds to challenge the industry of the future.
With an IPO in 2032 as an exit strategy, we are aiming to open in 2025.
We are looking forward to your proposals such as funding and capital tie-ups while discussing procurement funds and variations.


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